Spring’s Landing

Today is officially the first day of spring, and though my calendar now indicates as much, the howling winds which blew me through every alley of the city disagree. I do live in the northeast after all, so I should at least be thankful that it is not snowing. 🙂 Today I have a photograph for you which I almost did not take. But alas, I braved the cold and managed to put my frostbitten fingers to good use in order to setup the tripod for one last shot – which as it turns out, is now my favorite of the set. This shot was taken near the Christian Science center in downtown Boston. In every season save winter, there is a beautiful fountain filled with water in the center of the courtyard, but today it is filled with snow. Luckily you can barely see it in the picture! Aside from that, I thought this perspective was cool, and I think the colors and tones came out pretty nice considering the time of year. I just wish the sky had more going on… maybe I’ll add some clouds 😉 Spring's Landing Spring’s beauty lies in more than its instantaneous realization. In waiting, its colors grow more vivid, its smells more potent. If spring were to arrive in an instant, that instant would mar the sensations that we cherish so much. A beautiful bloom would become just a bunch of flowers, the sublime smell of pollen would become the cause of our allergies, and perhaps worst of all, we would not get to watch the snow melt into the sunset as we reveled in the landing of spring. I am a patient man, and though today may be the first day of spring, and tomorrow the next, I will wait many more until she softly touches down into my arms once again.
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3 comments on “Spring’s Landing
  1. Danita says:

    Both the picture and the entry are a thing of beauty. You should have been a poet. What you said about spring gave me pause to reflect on why spring really is the start of the new year for me and also inspires me to pay more attention to the beauty around me. Thanks


  2. Clarisse says:

    Love the picture especially the perspective and the angles..great work

  3. Greg Lunger says:

    Love both of these, Beautiful, Great Shots !!!******
    You are a wonderful writer too !!!******

    Hey, Thank you for adding my site to your blogroll !!!******
    If you know of some cool site for me to point out to others on my site, please let me know.

    Sea you on Flickr too My Friend !!!******

    All the Best !!!******

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