World’s End

I went to a wonderful park yesterday called World’s End. There was a very deserted feel to the place since the trees and ground were mostly barren. Indeed, World’s End turned out to be a great name for it because of this. You’d think that taking photos in a park still marked with the scars of winter would yield uninteresting results, but I was surprised by the beauty of the place. Below are a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy! Fenced In Fenced In I approached cautiously this fence by the sea, white and weathered from years of snow and sun. No doubt erected for the sea’s own protection from those who come to admire. I couldn’t help but wonder, who dared cross this mild separation between dirt and beauty abound. Surely I would have tried, but the sky’s warnings overpowered the enticing glimmer of the golden shore below. I cautiously moved on… Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon A reward for my prudence quickly materialized before me in this near-blue lagoon of winter’s release. I paused to admire the transition as I watched the water open its eyes once again to the reflections of the endless sky – A beautiful treaty signed with the light of spring. The trees, still timid, refused to uphold their end of the bargain and cowered in fear while they conversed among themselves the exact method of their protest. I, not understanding their language… moved on. The Path The Path And so it was that this path laid before me was to be anything but known. Though clearly marked and traveled by, the unfriendly air, no doubt caused by the trees’ contempt, warned me of the dangers which lay ahead. With my tripod to defend me I carried on! View by the Sea View by the Sea To my surprise I met with one individual who refused to conform to his comrades’ disposition of dissent. As an offering of peace I was given a seat by the sea on which to reflect. I paused only for a moment to soak in the howling wind and changing skies. I collected my belongings and bid my new friend farewell as he warned me of the dangers ahead. Golden Beach Golden Beach Dangers they were, for the sky had grown angry at the insistence of the trees’ dissent and had begun to envelop the light of peace while the sea’s tears trickled onto the barren shore. The industrial landscape (Boston!) to the left of the protesters watched with me in horror. Saddened by this sight I proceeded to my final destination. World’s End World's End The focal point of my journey had come to fruition in this fruitless landscape of total, and beautiful, war. A golden wasteland enveloped by the flowing sky, and surrounded by the weeping sea, entranced my every thought. I had arrived at the World’s End and though I had met some friendly faces along the way, I left the warmongers quietly in hopes that I may soon find its beginning.
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2 comments on “World’s End
  1. Daniel Light says:

    This “World’s End” group of pictures is truly gorgeous. Unless there is snow, I don’t usually think to look for beauty in winter landscapes. This collection reminds me to think otherwise. I keep returning to look at the tree with the bench under it. The combination of stunning skies, a stately tree and a beautiful shoreline make for an exquisite photo.

  2. Clarisse says:

    I liked all your pictures but my favorite one is the last one.. as if the ocean was squeezing the earth in a last huge hugg..
    Is it a path to the ‘World’s end” or to the world’s beginning??
    I wonder looking at these great pictures.. Thank you for sharing these..

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