Seaport District: Part 2 – The T

Welcome to Part 2 of my trek through the Seaport District in Boston. There are only 3 shots in this set, but they happen to be some of my favorites. Normally I don’t consider the T anything exciting, but the World Trade Center T stop is something to be reckoned with. For those non-Bostonians out there, the T stands for the “oldest subway system ever constructed in the history of mankind.” That’s right, no where else will you wait 20 minutes for a train that stops every 100 yards, but then again, no where else will you see such a majestic looking train station. Anyway, on with the shutterscript! Misplaced Moment Stolen Moment We start with the shimmering ugliness of a T misplaced. In the heart of the city surrounded by beauty and water, this structure claims as its resting point the World Trade Center. Though it is unwelcome here, the vibrant reflections of that which surrounds it ripple throughout its core. And in reflecting beauty, it too garners the attention of passers by, if only for a misplaced moment. Polished Glory Polished Glory As if to prove its worth after I have finished berating its existence, the T confronts me with this monster of an elevator which leads to the rat infested depths below. Deceiving this T is, so polished in its glory and in perfect tune with the sky, promising nothing but treasures for those who approach while delivering only darkness. I am captivated by this eternal paradox for surely it will retain its command over my sleepless nights. A Spectator Sport A Spectator Sport Just when I think I can move on from this strange place, I look around me and notice street lights matched perfectly in height with the glorious T. So perfect in fact that it seems as though their existence was mutually conceived in an effort to entertain the surrounding spectators. And entertain they do, for even the sky cheers with the crowds below.
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