Sunrise by the Docks

This picture took a lot of effort, not because it was hard to compose or take, but because I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to do it. I’ll tell you one thing – I contemplated not driving into work afterwards and instead, setting up a hot dog stand right by the water to earn a living… at least then I’d see this sunrise every day. There are a few more on the way, but I think they each deserve their own attention so I’ll update this post little by little. Walk With Me Walk With Me In the sunrise I find hope Delivered in streams of gold Forgotten worries Subtle memories Your hand in mine My eyes in yours Walking, side by side Seat by Sunrise Seat by Sunrise Seat by Sunrise Cold to the touch Warm to the soul Giving pause to lives Lived lost in goals Morning Swim Morning Swim Another Day at the Office Another Day at the Office
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4 comments on “Sunrise by the Docks
  1. Hey there, I would have to say that you have a great start into HDR photography. Beautiful tones and a great range of subjects. I am going to add you as a friend and keep an eye on your photography as it grows. I hope all is well and you keep up the great work!

    Brady Whealon

  2. Ulli says:

    These are absolutely stunning. Impressive.

  3. Tracy says:

    It’s funny – I happened upon your work last night on Flickr. Fantastically stunning I must say. An inspiration to a novice photographer like me. Today I goggled “‘a seat by the sea’ poem” and a link to your blog was literally the only entry that came up. Oh what a very small world we live in!

  4. SANDY says:

    I love people like you who tells what they pass through before they get what they wanted, and in this cares i personally congratulate you for your wonderfull work i thank you for disciplain your self by woking up every morning in order to get the sun when is not full by the day time hour.
    I am looking forward to see another nice of hard work. So remain bless.thanks.
    Don’t forget to email me some nice pictures

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