Vanilla Sky

Just when I thought I was going to go an entire day without taking any pictures, my roommate Jerry called to tell me there was going to be a nice sunset on the esplanade (an area directly by the river in Boston). Well, he was sort of right. While we didn’t really get to see the sun set per se, the light scattered by the sunset into the cloud formations above made for a truly beautiful sight. This is sort of like that Tom Cruise movie, “Vanilla Sky,” but without the crazy. Oh and as for the technique, this would be my first photo which uses Orton – a technique which combines an out of focus image with an in focus one for a very soft and sublime result. I think it suits this shot nicely. For more information see the excellent tutorial written by a fellow photographer here. Vanilla Sky
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One comment on “Vanilla Sky
  1. Ulli says:

    What is WRONG with me that I don’t see the sky when it looks like that!
    Yet again beautiful lighting.

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