Hull Beach: Part 2

I was going to wait a little while to post these in order to give people time to digest the first set, but the wait is killing me. This second set is by far my favorite. Right after Hull Beach: Part 1 (which was around 6 PM) my friends and I decided that it was time for some food, so we went back to the town center to grab a bite to eat thinking that the sunset wouldn’t be anything special given the clouds overhead. Let this be lesson to everyone about the danger of assumptions. Upon finishing our meal at around 7:20 we walked outside and to my horror I noticed that the sky was on fire with more colors than I remember seeing in a long, long time. I say horror because the nearest point of usable composition was 5 miles away and the sunset was to take place at 7:30! Although my friends seemed unenthused about the sky overhead, my rapid advance towards the car helped them care a little more, if only for the sake of not being left behind. Driving “a bit” above the speed limit we finally made it to a spot right by the water facing Boston in direct view of the sunset. I have to admit that had we been 10 minutes earlier these shots would have been much nicer, but I’m still happy with how they came out. There are a bunch in this set, but I’m going to post one at a time so I can write a bit about each. Sun’s Moondance Sun's Moondance The lingering sunlight begs pause to wondering eyes as it breaks through the cold evening wind. Obliging, I stop for a moment and breath in the air, somehow warmed by the beauty before me. Just moments ago this place was barren as the ocean’s expanse, yet now even the ocean finds reprieve in the heavens above as it smiles with the fire of dusk. My shutter fires and holds… open, in awe. With my out-breath it closes and my eyes shut, as we both commit to memory this eternal moondance of sunlight. Sunset on the Rocks en Bleue Sunset, on the Rocks 1 This one is for those of you who live by the rule of thirds. I tend to shoot whatever works best, but in this case our friend the golden ratio comes through again. Sunset on the Rocks en Rouge Sunset on the Rocks en Rouge And for those of you who prefer a slightly different twist… This shot was taken a few minutes after the “en Blue” shot. It’s amazing what a difference a few minutes can make to the colors in the sky. Sunset Over Boston Sunset Over Boston I was starting to push the limits of my poor 18-200 mm lens with this one. The softness and vignetting are unfortunate, but I have never seen Boston like this before, so I thought I would post it. That’s it for this set! Hope you enjoyed them.
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