I’ve been abnormally quiet for the past few weeks because of camera problems, but my D200 is finally back and I’m ready to get started again, especially with the summer fast approaching. The dust problem is still there, but I don’t care at this point – it’s much better than it was and it still takes great pictures which is all that really matters. This shot was taken on the Longfellow bridge in Boston. The day started off rather cloudy, but gave way to this gorgeous sunset. Trainset Trainset The wind howls through time Past my face and into the dusk Collapsing the light onto itself In a vortex of blissful surrender. Breath by breath I breathe the stillness of the moment Breath by breath I breathe the fury of the wind. The argument is ended sharply By the pulsating sound of steel Against steel, reverberating Into the fading light. I close my eyes in anticipation Waiting for the night to come And take one last breath Before the day is done.
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