Here are a few shots from Marblehead, MA. It was a gorgeous day out, as you can see. Supa Powaful Supa Powaful Jerry Schwarzenegger – This shot is named after the horrible Arnold impersonation I refuse to stop doing. Jerry is so used to hearing me speak Arnold-lounge that he subconsciously posed as him in this shot. I casually aimed my camera accordingly and yelled out, “Jerry, you aaaa supa powaful!” as I snapped a few before he had the chance to escape. Non-fiction Non-fiction Meet Melissa. Melissa loves Harry Potter, beaches, and doing mean things to rats in her lab. I can forgive the rat torture, but I’m still trying to understand the Harry Potter obsession. I’ll admit I’ve seen the movies, but I have never read the books, despite all the rave. I have a theory that the pages are laced with some sort of drug that keeps people reading regardless of how much their eyes hurt. Something must have caught Melissa’s eye in this photo long enough to release her from her spell as she enjoyed a little bit of non-fiction from the beautiful day. Coming Home Coming Home Please click on this image for a better view (Flickr) as it looks distorted on my site. This shot is a panoramic view of kayakers coming into the harbor after what must have been a beautiful morning spent sea kayaking. It sort of reminds me of a biker gang… but in the water, less the noise, ridiculous haircuts, and police in tow. I’m not sure if this was for a special occasion or if it is some sort of club, but either way it definitely made me want to put down my camera for a while and grab a kayak of my own. Rocky Decision Rocky Decision Here’s Jerry after he realized the tide was coming up. He is slightly alarmed mainly because he doesn’t know how to swim. Like many decisions we face in life, this one is a bit rocky. There appears to be more than one correct path, but if our friend Jerry doesn’t decide soon, he will face the same fate as the rocks beneath him. Time is of the essence, be as decisive as you can.
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