Urban Foliage

Urban Foliage City dwellers meander through the streets smelling the cold air as their chaffed hands dig into their pockets for warmth. Finding some comfort there they stop for a moment to absorb the changing weather, speculating that fall may have arrived. The clouds overhead clear to reveal dark blue skies scattered with dim stars and bright city lights that have have begun to take on a harsh and brittle appearance. By this time the cold air has seeped into their pockets causing shivers to run through their entire bodies. They march on, left with their speculations and chaffed hands hoping that there is at least a slight possibility that they are wrong. But nature knows far better than to leave its power in the hands of man. And though she is somewhat hidden in this urban landscape, she calls out to those most discerning, confirming their speculations with gifts of color. Pockets are no warmer for receiving these gifts, but hearts light up as the city’s cold harshness is transformed into a more subtle expression of nature’s call.
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    i love it! nice work.

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    Nice website!!

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