Fall Curves

Here are a few shots I took this weekend from South Boston’s Harbor walk… nothing too spectacular, just some curvaceous perspectives that caught my eye. Bare Leaves Bare Leaves I originally took this shot for the tree lined path and the bench in the foreground, but in post-processing I noticed that the trees on the right side of the path are bare, while the ones on the left still have leaves on them. It is kind of a strange configuration, but it adds some unintended character to the photo. Just Around the Corner Just Around the Corner I really like this one for some reason. It’s simple without an immediately visible point, but the puddle of leaves on the ground positioned right at the corner of the railing seemed an interesting focal point for the photo, perhaps symbolizing the shifting seasons.
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One comment on “Fall Curves
  1. Ladybug says:

    Lovely perspective on these photos. What a gorgeous weekend it was!

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