Bubblah Here in Boston some of us call this a bubblah. I personally call it a water fountain, but bubblah works too. I would say it almost looks like a torture device of some sort, but I actually saw some runners drinking from it so I can attest to the fact that it does provide “water”. In fact they sort of looked at me like a fool when they saw me hovering over it with my tripod, but I just smiled and pretended to be fidgeting with my camera. You’d be amazed how many looks I get for setting up my 6 foot tripod in this city, as if its actually a rocket launcher. I think I’ve even seen some people stop, turn around, and run the other direction when they saw me coming with the behemoth swung over my shoulder. But hey, it gets the job done (which is photography, not launching rockets). Now as for this bubblah… water fountain, I can’t say that I would ever drink from it. The idea of a small pipe running up a moldy concrete block filled with Boston water doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in living after a drink. But it certainly caught my attention so kudos to the engineer who designed it. I think it’s attention grabbing properties are probably a function of the command it seems to hold over the surrounding area. I could envision a battle which ensued between the bubblah and the dead leaves on the ground, the bubblah of course emerging victorious. The benches in the background were likely used by spectators as they cheered for their team of choice. Since concrete usually wins out over leaves I’ll have to say that I’m all for the bubblah. Come to think of it I think this thing would win out over just about anything… be it leaves, runners, a bus, or a rocket launcher. So here’s to you, bubblah!
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