Remembrance They don’t choose the battle or the wars we fight. They don’t have the luxury to protest the cause for they need to live. And in living they uphold the freedoms we all take for granted… In dying they give all they had for us. Do they not, then, deserve our support? Do they not deserve our unconditional thanks for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make? The numbers dead we hear about on the news are not just figures, they are not simply fuel to fire protest of our purpose in the war… they are our neighbors, our countrymen and women. For every one of them who dies, a part of this country dies with them. To protest their efforts and withdraw all support for their well being is to disregard the very lives we lead. Disagree with the war all you want, I do, but never turn your back on those who expose their hearts for you. Never speak ill words about those who cannot speak but for you. Remember these people… these friends, wives, husbands, lovers, cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters because I can assure you, they have not forgotten you.
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