The Cavendish Hotel

Cavendish Hotel   Buy/Download      Visit Flickr Page Leaving the rustic Warminster we arrived in London on the second day of our journey to rest in The Cavendish Hotel. A sharp contrast to the Bishopstrow House Hotel, The Cavendish is ultra modern and sophisticated with a very bright and colorful atmosphere. The two hotels are indeed polar opposites each having their own distinct mood. That’s not to say that one hotel was better than the other, just that they are different. Cavendish Lobby   Buy/Download      Visit Flickr Page Here you can see an example of the extreme colors used in the hotel lobby which give it an almost heavenly feel. I’ve never seen such a colorful lobby, but I definitely like it. To complement the colors there are pictures of clouds hanging up on the wall making for a perfectly engineered utopia. Cavendish Christmas   Buy/Download      Visit Flickr Page No hotel lobby would be complete without Christmas decorations this time of year. The Cavendish is no exception and they chose to celebrate with a contemporary tree which takes after their unique urban style. Not a hint of green can be found on their tree. It stands black and almost bare save for one string of white lights. When bathed in the magenta light from the ceiling the dark tree stands out beautifully. Cavendish Hall   Buy/Download      Visit Flickr Page Retiring to the rooms one will be greeted by a sleek hallway with minimalist appointments along the way – A nice reprieve from the color fiesta found in the lobby. My favorite part is the entry system. The keys are simple plastic rods that are coded to open the doors much like an electronic card. Sliding the key into the keyhole turns the red light green. Upon entering the room, the key is placed into another keyhole which glows blue and subsequently turns on all the boring white lights in the room. The whole process is quite colorful. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, the flat screen TV should do the trick. That concludes the hotel portion of my trip to London. I don’t normally photograph hotels, but the two I stayed in on this trip were quite exceptional and their differences were so astounding that I found it interesting that I could enjoy both. The next photos you see will be of the actual city. I was lucky enough to have a night free of rain and just enough energy to keep me out untill 1:00 AM taking photos.
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  1. Michael says:

    I love the second photo! Great pinkish light it was. I beat it was another great concept of photography!

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