Misty Mountains

New Mexico Sunrise   Buy/Download      Visit Flickr Page Day breaks slowly as the morning frost turns to mist, enveloping the mountains above. Slivers of light carve shapes in the clouds as they hover motionless above the peaks. Like a coloring book the dark night comes to life piece by piece in perfect harmony. Out here the sunset feels like the end of the world, the sunrise like earth’s first breath. A scale so immense that reason fails to quantify its magnitude. One could wander for hundreds of miles yet still spend an eternity in blissful solitude… a solitude marked by the occasional company of giants strewn haphazardly among the desert terrain like a child’s play toys. But these toys are immovable, their sounds silent. The only sign of life on this abandoned playground is one’s own breath. And even that is fleeting as it quickly dissipates into the vast emptiness. This is no ordinary beauty. It is a beauty so lonely that God himself must have left in search of livelier company. But places like this exist for a purpose – they are here to remind us of the timeless peace and calm into which we were all born and into which we all return.
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