Seated Snow Friends

Seated Snow Friends

Two snow friends sit on a bench in the Boston Public Garden to watch the sunset.

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3 comments on “Seated Snow Friends
  1. steve saleeba says:

    i saw your photo on
    it gives a nice sense of serenity.
    by the way, I’m a big fan of your last name… for obvious reasons.
    -steve saleeba

  2. Tina Fanning says:

    Wonderful photos–I was a student(eons ago) in Boston, and visit often and this place has a pull on my heart.
    I will be coming to Boston with my husband in February and had been imagining I might like to try a little ice skating on the Common’s “Frog Pond”, so it was a delight to stumble upon your photo site with the newest photos you have here. I will certainly be back to look at your other photos.

  3. clarisse slaiba says:

    who did the two snow men … they are soo cute. what a great idea

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