Duxbury Beach – The Journey

It is with great sadness that I report that my camera is at Nikon for repair (nothing major, just me being picky about dust underneath the LCD and focusing screen). Before I sent the camera in, I managed to take one last beach trip over this past weekend where the temperature reached the high 70s. It was so incredibly nice that I spent most of the time just taking it all in. In between tanning I managed to take a few interesting shots of perhaps my favorite bridge which leads from Duxbury “mainland” to a little peninsula that is Duxbury beach. Only Duxbury residents are allowed to cross the bridge with their car and park it by the beach. Us po’ folk who don’t live in Duxbury must walk the mile or so that it spans in order to reach this holy grail of beaches. But as with most things in life, the journey is half the fun. This day was no exception and so without further adieu, here’s to the journey. What is a destination without the journey that leads the way? What is a marathon without the 26.2 miles of pain and sweat – what worth do those final tears of victory hold if they are cried from a destination which is no different than its origin. If helicopters could take climbers to the peak of Mount Everest, would they conquer the mountain just the same? If The Discovery Channel aired the climb, would you sit on your couch and watch instead? There are too many shortcuts in life and not enough savoring of the roads less traveled by. Lingering by the shore has given way to running through the mall in search of the latest swim wear complete with a “free gift” (emphasis always on free) of wasted time. Those who manage to buy something they actually like rather than what they have been convinced to like by magazines, TV, and the like, are one step ahead. Those who walk in the mall instead of run are two steps ahead. And those who go to the beach instead of the mall, with a 5-year old t-shirt and shoes that are falling apart, don’t count their steps because, well, it’s hard when you have to stop every few feet to empty the sand from your shoes. My wish for all of you is that you always find sand in your shoes, for it will make the journey much more enjoyable, and the arrival so much sweeter. Endless Escape Endless Escape Under Reflection Under Reflection
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