Duxbury Beach – The Destination

Here are a few more shots from Duxbury… the destination, if you will. The bridge has been crossed! Competition Competition Bridge vs. Rusted Gate – Fight! By the looks of things, the bridge is winning, but to be fair, the gate isn’t really trying all that hard.
Party’s Over Party's Over This shot is kind of sad, but it is often the saddest things in life that reveal the most beauty. Perhaps this is because only in the face of sadness are we able to appreciate what has been lost. As creatures of habit it is easy for us to take things for granted, but hard for us to understand why we took them for granted once they are gone. So, should we go through life in search of those bittersweet moments that bring tears of retrospective appreciation to our eyes or should we transcend our own instincts and dare to find beauty in even our most well established "habits?" I leave the answer to you, but I think this party would be much better if it wasn’t over.
The Way The Way Just beyond this dune lies a rocky beach bathing in low tide. There are children playing and dogs running around, absolutely thrilled at the pure simplicity of fetching a stick from the water. A few brave human souls have even chosen to swim… mostly the children, who aren’t yet afraid of the danger participating in such an activity poses to certain critical extremities. I know better, and as such I am watching the children, dogs, and stick bathe from the safety of my viewfinder. 🙂
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2 comments on “Duxbury Beach – The Destination
  1. Ulli says:

    The sky looks incredible.

  2. Clarisse says:

    Loved the last picture.. may you always have sand in your shoes.. even the new one… ocean wind in your face and blazing sun rays in your heart..

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