Jewels of Antiquity

Most people who have been to other countries tend to say that the US has no history comparatively speaking, but I see it when I walk out my door every day. While the US is certainly younger than most countries, it definitely has some jewels to be found… here are just two examples. Acorn Street Acorn Street Acorn Street is probably the most photographed street in Boston, but I have yet to take a shot of it despite living a few blocks away for the past year and a half. I figured it was about time. Cars are not allowed to drive down this street, but I don’t think any “car” would really fit if it tried. Vine 49 Vine 49 This is just a random door covered by random vines. There are countless others like it, but they all have different things that make them intriguing. I almost feel like I’m walking through a hobbit village when I walk through the streets of Beacon Hill. Everything is just so old and piled on top of each other that there are some very interesting “configurations” to be seen.
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One comment on “Jewels of Antiquity
  1. Simanta says:

    Very beautiful, Kalim! Narrow Acorn Street has such a unique feel to it … I want to go looking for it now. Nice work! Have a good weekend.

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