Summer Remnants

Summer Remnants As summer falls into its quiet retreat lingering remnants of its glory still remain: The sound of children laughing and ice cream trucks driving through the neighborhood, the smell of barbecue and fresh squeezed lemonade, the plentiful sunshine flooding gardens, sun decks, beaches, and lawn chairs. All of these things come to a slow and almost imperceptible end as fall takes its place. For some it is a time to worry about the impending doom of winter, while for others it is a time to turn to the mountains where leaves mix with cool wind to form flowing shapes of color and beauty. But no matter how one decides to perceive this inevitable transition there are a number of things that will happen regardless, just as they have for thousands of years. Hot chocolate will slowly replace lemonade and the plentiful sun will begin reflecting off of the morning frost and onto increasingly bare trees. The sound of children playing will be muted somewhat by fall jackets and hats, joined by the occasional rustle of leaves as piles of them are scattered to bits by various land based dives. Lawn chairs, beaches, and sun decks will become empty as the temperature drops and people take cover under the warmth of light blankets and cozy reclining chairs, perhaps with a loved one or book. The smell of barbecue will be replaced by burning wood and crisp cool air that slightly worries people when they realize they can see their own breath for the first time in months. While all of these things are surely indicative of the approaching doom of winter and the decline of treasured summer treats, they also usher in a necessary appreciation for what was so well enjoyed. This is not to say that joy cannot be had in all of the seasons, just that it is amplified by their transition. So as summer fades and its remnants are writ to memory, take pleasure in knowing that they will come again.
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