Falling Sun

Falling Sun I walk slowly through subtle hues of red-yellow Earth draped in light Falling gently with the winds of time As the world begins to sleep. Lungs filled with winter’s breath And the cool, crisp crackle of leaves beneath my tread Slow my pace to match its own And I pause. Patiently waiting for the outbreath To guide my wandering steps and fleeting thoughts Past the falling sun And toward the horizon. Where I can rest in the peace and calm Of tomorrow.
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3 comments on “Falling Sun
  1. Leslie T says:

    Gorgeous. You really caught the moment – the last damp exhalation of fall before winter frost.

  2. clarisse says:

    Can you see the face of the Young angel blowing above the clouds :))

  3. admin says:

    Hmmm… I don’t see the angel, but lets hope we have a few more lukewarm days before winter 🙂

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