iRecline iPods are everywhere these days: The gym, the streets, the mall, the supermarket, at work, in line, the car, in bed (no, not like that), the shower (or like that), and now announcing… the roof! Billboards are familiar company to those living on Boston’s Beacon Hill, and far too familiar for those seeking refuge upon its roofs. The fortunate few who frequent these roofs to enjoy the sunset are assailed by glowing rectangular abominations in the guise of this season’s hottest items. And as if that wasn’t bad enough the latest advertisements now mimic the roof goers in hopes that they will succumb to the power of consumerism. Witness our beloved iPod. Once our friend, it has now invaded every aspect of our life, including the roof. While we once took pleasure in reclining peacefully on our favorite rooftop chair to watch the sunset, we are now joined by the iPod. But maybe what we’re seeing isn’t an iPod… maybe it’s the new iRecline from Apple. Not only will the iRecline allow us to listen to the latest music, but it will actually morph into a reclining chair so that we can fall back into a splash of colorful magic and light to match our music. Brilliant! I will be first in line, will you?
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