Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree

Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree   Buy/Download              Visit Flickr Page Whether we like it or not, Christmas is upon us. Around this time of year I always hear people begin talking about how commercialized this holiday has become and how it’s all about buying and spending money needlessly. While that is most likely true, that doesn’t mean that YOU have to look at it that way (though the advertisers would certainly love it if you did). I for one love this time of year. Everyone seems to be in a better mood and the Christmas spirit fills the air with a light hearted and playful feel. And though the “feel” is a lot colder than it was a few months ago, the anticipation of snow and cold is balanced perfectly by warm coats, fire places, the embrace of loved ones, and Christmas punch. Its as if the holidays come with winter just so we can get closer and warmer. I took this photo in Faneuil Hall in Boston, right next to Quincy Market shown in my last post. I can’t tell you how long it took me to take it, and its not because I couldn’t decide on the right angle… it’s because countless couples, families, children, and friends were stopping to admire and take pictures by the tree. I thought about yelling out to them so that they would stop blocking my shot, but it was just too nice to watch. It was as if everyone in Boston suddenly became ten times more friendly. I even conversed with a retired photographer who stopped to admire the angle of my shot. And while I was waiting for the people to clear I just sat on a bench and admired the beauty of the Christmas tree towering above me as it collected the laughs and smiles of passers by. Smiling back, I looked out onto the city lights and watched them embrace the entirety of Boston with just the right amount of brightness to complement the glow of the tree. When I finally took my shot and walked slowly home, the last thing going through my head was what I wanted for Christmas. This holiday season I challenge you to stop for a moment to admire the beauty around you rather than the sales, discounts, and gimmicks. And if you just can’t seem to get into a cheerful mood I suggest you find the biggest Christmas tree possible and sit by it for a while… it will put a smile on the face of even the biggest grinch.
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2 comments on “Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree
  1. bence says:

    I agree 🙂 Try going to a mall and the scene is just crazy. People fighting for parking spots, darting around stores, it’s the complete opposite what Advent is all about. Lighting a fire, gathering with friends and family, and sipping eggnog is the way to go. Great shot!

  2. Judy says:

    This is so lovely I am just going to look at this and forget about the crowds and cold and ice…. This is enough for me…

    Thank you.

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