Flame On

Flame On   Buy/Download      Visit Flickr Page Please pardon the Fantastic Four reference, I couldn’t help it. If you’re a bit surprised at this photo you’re not the only one. A stove top isn’t exactly my style of photography, but the idea seemed cool and I was curious to see how it would come out. Being happy with the result, I decided to post it. I have a theory that we’re all pyromaniacs deep down. The tendency to be entranced by fire must have been ingrained in us from prehistoric times when it was first discovered. Ever since, we’ve been lighting fires left and right, for better or worse. I wonder if it will ever get old… probably not. Stay tuned, tomorrow I set my roommate on fire.
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5 comments on “Flame On
  1. kristina says:

    tu es tordue mon cheri..

  2. Rich says:

    Nice website and the photos are very well done. I like this one never seen a stove so lit up before. As for your roomate,better not play with fire too much.

  3. Maya says:

    You are wasting gas.

  4. admin says:


    Merci pour les joulie mots ma petite soeur.


    I’m glad you like the site… if Maya approves of the gas usage I’m still thinking of lighting my roommate on fire 😉

  5. Jerry says:

    I agree with Maya. You shouldn’t be wasting such a precious natural resource.

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